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Facade Supply Website

Complete front and back-end design and implementation for Facade Supply.

  • Simple, monochromatic front-end design
  • Page style adjusts persistently based on affiliate (example) (reset style)
  • Twitter bootstrap front-end for ease of adding new 'affiliate styles'
  • Custom framework back-end from scratch (LAMP)
  • Twig integration for page templating
  • Full user and site administration panel
  • Page caching system
  • Complete custom DB-driven SKU system with administration
  • Single page online ordering of all products with AJAX
  • Simple ordering process
  • Excel file order output
  • Full html order emails with text backup and attached Excel (.xls) file
  • User account system
  • Custom url compressor
  • https with certificate
  • Recaptcha integration
  • Analytics with goals and events
  • Product renderings and detailing

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