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Note: I no longer maintain this site and as such it no longer exists in the state in which I designed/built it. Please see screenshots for design as built.

Complete web site design and implementation for NorthClad Rainscreen Solutions as part of a full branding project (See also NorthClad Branding).

This project took place over the course of a few years with many additions and changes. The back-end was created on a ground-up custom framework. The site includes many front-end features created to meet design requirements as NorthClad continues to push the envelope and stand out from the rest. For instance, the detail pages utilizes javascript and image mapping to create a clickable bookmark scroll effect while the page peel effect was created from scratch as others didn't meet all requirements.

  • Front-end design.
  • Custom back-end framework (LAMP).
  • From scratch CMS system with custom content management options.
  • Server administration and maintenance.
  • Product branding throughout.
  • Product 3D models and renderings.
  • Tons of front-end JavaScript.
  • Illustrations and sketches.
  • Cadd file creation.

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