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RenoTTS Server (Beta)

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A project that I've been building in my spare time, RenoTTS Server is an open source application written in Go. 

Currently in Beta, it provides a REST interface for local text-to-speech (TTS) requests via AWS.

RenoTTS is intended to be installed on a SBC such as Raspberry Pi or NextThings C.H.I.P. which would then be plugged into a speaker in order to play speech.

Also included are device handlers for the Samsung SmartThings system which allow SmartThings "SmartApps" to communicate with a cheap connected speaker. Also, the go application itself supports UPNP discovery and REST requests via POST, making it trivial to integrate into other systems.


  • Single file binary  + handlers for SmartThings
  • Can play media internally (no outside player necessary)
  • Queries and caches AWS Polly TTS streams
  • UPNP discoverable
  • Plenty of configuration options
  • Internal "Test" interface
  • Creates user-specific configuration for use with systemctl along with customized, user-specific instructions for installing at boot

RenoTTS Source:

SmartThings Handler Source:

Renotts Inner TesterApp